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Brand Protection/Anti-Counterfeiting Strategies & Solutions

Counterfeiting is one of the fastest growing economic crimes of our time, expanding by 10,000% over the past 20 years, according to experts. The economic price tag is staggering; counterfeit is estimated to now make up 7% of all world trade, and cost U.S. businesses alone $250 billion annually. When consumer safety is threatened due to deadly ingredients, inferior production standards or other issues, the stakes become even higher.

The GRID Team has successful and proven experience in guiding multi-national corporations toward protecting their brands and products against counterfeiting. Our global reach, understanding of counterfeiting tactics and methods, and knowledge of effective solutions assist brand owners to identify the source of the problem and the strategies necessary to respond effectively.

Potential services include:

Rapid Response to counterfeit incidents or crises, includes worldwide on-the ground situation analysis, guidance on government interaction, assistance with crisis/media communications with public/media relations, and development/management of immediate response plans.

Global investigation of identified cases or potential/emerging threats, tracing the counterfeit network from the retail outlet back to the distributors, importers and ultimately the manufacturers. Additionally, GSS will provide litigation support for potential criminal/civil prosecution.

Analysis of existing/developing counterfeit trends and threats to the individual brand owner's trademarks & copyrights.

Comprehensive evaluation of a brand owner's existing brand protection efforts and actions, benchmarking against similarly situated companies & industries.

Development/implementation of comprehensive company/product-specific brand protection programs & strategies.