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Security & Crisis Management Consulting, Services & Training

 Global Risk & Investigative Diligence is distinctly positioned to provide global corporations, domestic companies and private individuals with the security services required to protect people, operations and assets here in the United States and throughout the world.

Through its broad network of security experts and former law enforcement professionals, GRID affords its clients a single source for all of their security and emergency planning needs, regardless of region. From assessing the threats and vulnerabilities of a corporation's domestic headquarters, to devising physical security measures to protect overseas manufacturing operations and supply chains, to instituting executive protection strategies for senior officials travelling internationally, GRID has an established track record of devising practical and effective solutions for its clients.

Security/Risk Assessment Services

A strong commitment to security and safety protects lives and property and pays financial dividends by minimizing liability and reducing insurance costs. The GRID team helps clients effectively address security/life safety issues at all stages, from threat identification, to planning and design, through implementation and day-to-day management of solutions and procedures.  Services include:

Threat & risk assessment: Careful identification/analysis of potential threats -  crime, terrorism, competitor  surveillance, theft of intellectual property, workplace violence, etc., – specific to the region or industry.  Reviews include examinations:

  • Existing facilities and operations: domestic and international
  • Areas/regions being considered as part of business growth and expansion – domestic and international

Security strategies, plan and protocol development and implementation – GRID works collaboratively with clients to develop pragmatic solutions to identified threats and tailors specifically tailored to client needs and budget.  GRID also develops practical guidelines and protocols that are designed to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of selected technologies.  GRID then works with clients to implement and test approved measures and solutions.
Security incident response and mitigation: GRID experts are available 24 hours a day/7 days a week/365 days a year to respond to security issues and threats wherever they occur.  GRID's global network ensures immediate access to on-the-ground resources, contacts and local expertise, which expedites response, facilitates liaison with local authorities, and helps minimize travel costs. 

Executive protection/employee travel risk planning: GRID helps clients evaluate the safety of corporate travel plans by conducting risk assessments of intended locations, travel methods and routes, current conditions, etc. GRID then devises and executes appropriate security plans and protocols to address identified threats, including executive protection and security transportation efforts.  GRID also develops crisis response plans to rapidly assist employees who are impacted by emergencies in foreign countries, including crimes, medical conditions, or local disasters.

Cyber security/counter surveillance/eavesdropping detection and prevention – security: The GRID team includes former law enforcement and intelligence service highly adept in devising solutions on protecting against competitor surveillance, electronic intrusion and data collection; and in providing penetration testing, technical surveillance counter measure (TSCM) sweeps.

Negative media/internet monitoring and threat identification: In today's cyber world it's becoming more and more important for companies and private individuals to stay attuned to internet discussions, blog traffic, and other electronic intelligence pertaining to their business and personal reputations. The issue becomes even more serious when the negative postings or electronic discussions indicate actual or potential threats to corporate operations or the safety of employees and their family members.   GRID's internet monitoring services help clients evaluate internet articles, public blog discussions and other electronic postings concerning their business, professional and personal activities, and private information.  Through our ongoing review processes, we can quickly identify issues and areas of concern so that appropriate legal, public relation and/or security strategies can be developed and quickly implemented.

Employee training and corporate "best practices": manager/employee training in secure workplace environment, business travel, incident response and reporting.

Crisis Management:  An institution's ability to respond swiftly and effectively to emergency situations and keep its operations running without interruption can be the difference between overcoming a short-term situation and confronting a long-term crisis.  Governments and corporations require comprehensive and integrated plans, clear protocols, and regularly trained employees in order to respond effectively to the wide variety of health, safety, and economic issues that can converge during an emergency situation.

Global Risk & Investigative Diligence works collaboratively with its clients to ensure that regardless of the contingency, the client is prepared, the response is effective, and the disruption is minimized.

Services include:

  • Emergency Response Plans & Protocols Development
  • Crisis Communication: Procedures and Technologies
  • Life Safety/Evacuation Planning/Facilities Design
  • WMD/Biological/Chemical Terrorism Prevention and Response
  • Management/Employee Training
  • Business Continuity Planning

"Best in Class" Security/Life Safety Technologies, Solutions, and Products:  The GSS Team includes industry experts well-versed in the latest and best technological solutions to today's security, life safety and crisis management needs.  GSS has no affiliations to any technology providers and therefore can offer its clients independent, objective evaluation and advice on technical solutions that best match client needs while meeting the requirements of state-of-the-art practices and industry standards.