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Domestic/International Due Diligence

In today's global economy, the need for timely, accurate and comprehensive business intelligence from all corners of world has never been greater. To make critical decisions, business leaders, legal counsel, individual investors and others need a way to access trustworthy, verified information that is not limited by jurisdictional, cultural or language borders. Whether the matter involves a potential investment partner, a new business opportunity, a prospective witness in litigation or a new company hire, the ability to conduct in-depth, region specific due diligence analyses is essential to making informed decisions and protecting against legal, financial and reputational liabilities.

To meet this vital need, GRID has assembled a global network of experienced, carefully vetted experts adept at conducting independent, thorough, and professional due diligence investigations and intelligence gathering for corporate executives, investment managers and legal counsel.

The GRID team offers clients resources and trusted experience in virtually all parts of the globe, providing quick access to the essential data and intelligence needed to make critical decisions. From basic background checks to comprehensive on-the-ground due diligence analyses and forensic examinations, GRID tailors the scope and cost of each review to the specific needs of the client.

GRID's differentiators:

Global reach – GRID can provide due diligence services in virtually every corner of the globe, thus providing clients a single source for all due diligence needs.

Services are performed by experienced former law enforcement and investigative professionals who understand that careful analysis and attention to detail are essential to conducting meaningful investigations.

GRID offers an array of different levels of review carefully tailored to the subject's role, level of authority and access to confidential information. GRID understands that not every review requires the same degree of analysis and offers a wide range of reviews designed to meet varying needs and budgets. GRID also offers one-on-one professional guidance in the selection of appropriate levels of review, offering industry benchmarks and best practices to aid in the selection of the most advantageous approach.

Clients deal directly with senior managers who provide regular communication throughout the entire course of the engagement, to include prompt notification of issues of concern as they are uncovered. In such situations, GRID offers guidance and advice on potential responses to information found.

Clients received carefully synthesized reports, which extract the most critical issues for quick and easy reference by clients. Supporting documentation is also provided in the form of appendices that can be examined for further details as necessary.

GRID ensures careful compliance with local laws, regulations and ethical requirements.