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Global Risk & Investigative Dilligence, LLC

Global Investigations/Litigation Support/Asset Searches
Internal/External Investigations

GRID is led by former senior federal, state and local police executives who leverage a global network of experienced investigators to provide comprehensive, cost effective investigative services within the United States and internationally.

Whether the threat is internal to your company, or comes from external sources, GRID investigators are prepared to rapidly respond to locations domestic and international to obtain the crucial information that managers and legal counsel require to decide the proper course of action. With resources around the globe, GRID can quickly access local contacts and on-the ground sources and initiate in-depth, comprehensive and discreet investigations designed to uncover the scope of the bad act and parties responsible, and to collect and preserve evidence necessary for pursuing appropriate criminal and/or civil remedies.

To ensure its clients are afforded a full array of complimentary investigative capabilities, GRID teams with financial accountants, computer forensic experts and other local experts to who possess the multi-disciplinary capabilities necessary to identify fraud, criminal acts, management/employee theft/misconduct, misuse of intellectual property and other improper activities.

Litigation Support

GRID's team includes former law enforcement attorneys and investigators with extensive experience working with legal counsel to uncover and address a wide variety of criminal and civil litigation issues, including white collar crime, money laundering, and internal fraud. GRID also assists with:

  • Witness location
  • Interviews and interrogations
  • Surveillance operations
  • On-site security to secure persons, facilities and assets
  • Evidence collection and preservation

Asset Searches

GRID's global reach affords clients a single investigative resource capable of "finding & following the money" both domestically and internationally. With resources, contacts and experience around the globe, GRID assists its clients in tracing assets and tracking financial transfers across jurisdictional, geographical and political boundaries.

Forensic Services and Behavioral Intelligence

GRID teams with established, recognized experts to ensure a multidisciplinary approach that seamlessly integrates investigative, accounting and technological resources. Areas of expertise include, but are not limited to:

Forensic Accounting: In-depth financial analysis and advice to help companies identify and mitigate losses from corporate frauds; providing guidance and assistance with regard to criminal/civil investigations, shareholder/partnership disputes, mediation and arbitration, and business interruption reviews.

Computer forensics/electronic discovery: Certified state of the art expertise in electronic evidence/data retrieval, forensic imaging, computer usage tracking, and other forensic needs required by corporations and legal counsel to evaluate and assess internal matters, external threats and potential civil/criminal litigation. Scalable, cost effective electronic discovery resources designed to minimize the legal, investigative and administrative costs incurred through the collecting, reviewing and organizing of electronic data pertinent to litigation/regulatory matters.

Behavioral Intelligence: Employing recognized deception recognition expertise of former government behavioral science experts to assist clients in evaluating the credibility and integrity of potential business partners, investments, witnesses, employees, and others.